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What is Hydrographics or Water Transfer Printing?

You may know the process by such name as camo dipping, decorative transferring or water transfer printing. They’re all synonyms for the amazing technology of hydrographics.

Hydrographics has several names: water-transfer printing, immersion printing, camo dipping, hydro-dipping, liquid printing, decorative transferring, fluid imaging, aqua printing, hydro-imaging and Finish Finish®. The common denominator, however, is water. Nearly any 3-D object made from plastic, wood, glass, metal and rubber can be decorated regardless of its size or shape. Generally, anything than can be painted can be dipped. Not long ago, this amazing technology was used exclusively by the military to camouflage artillery, weapons and vehicles. But in the 1996, Immersion Graphics showed companies how to leverage their products’ visual appeal using Final Finish®. Soon, gun, automobile and motorcycles manufacturers were adding decorative camouflage, wood grains, marble and metal detailing to their products.

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